Knowing Kang Seung Yoon

I was watching MAMA 2014 waiting for EXO and BTS performance and this boys called “WINNER” was stealing the show. Time after time they were called to perform, (especially Song Mino rapper of Winner) and when they sang “empty”, lined up on the runway stage, this guy with girls-will-love-me-hairstyle caught my eye… and heart as well.



  • naughty or bad boy vibe
  • unique voice: rocker-ish type
  • visual (duh?) he said to have sexy lips but I love his eyes the most
  • his manliness (style of talking)


I was stunned when I found out that he released his own single (Wind and Young, It Rains, etc) years before Winner. It was mentioned in the variety show Weekly Idol, that he got to debut before his groupmates and I later found out that it was because he previously joined Super Star K where he was spotted by CEO YG, owner of YG Entertainment.



  • said to have IQ of 140 (or over)
  • in younger age, he joined a group of bad males in his school and they later betrayed him
  • has a single mom
  • shares bank account with his mom (oh nice)
  • major in classic guitar
  • a billiard player (became representative of Busan when he was young)


  • became the leader of Winner after Mino (original leader) suffered from foot or ankle injury
  • composed songs for his group (Smile Again, Go Up, Immature)
  • had two left feet (before he joined YG, his dancing was awful. It was said that he cried for weeks after being called out in the training because his dancing was not improving)
  • said to have nagging-syndrome
  • generous with his members and the Winner staff (but the members explained that he was generous because he wanted to win the members’ heart)
  • good in Japanese and learning Chinese
  • a fortune teller told him that he was compatible with BIG BANG’s Taeyang and PSY
  • another fortune teller told him that he will be popular with girls (lol)
  • Winner have six pets in their dorm buy only Seungyoon has none


  • fangirls ship him and Nam Taeyhun “KangNam”
  • said to be a look a like of Zico (Block B)
  • said to have a girlfriend during Superstar K2 (boo) but broke up after realizing his career in the future
  • rumoured that he and Krystal of f(x) fell in love with each other when filming High Kick 3
  • in an interview, he said that he preferred body over an angelic face
  • he also said that he like a woman who was like him, persevering and hardworking
  • he also said that he wanted a woman with a unique lifestyle which could cope with his busy life
  • Of course he preferred members of INNER CIRCLE (fans of Winner)



  • Superstar K2
  • High Kick 3
  • Who is Next? WIN (Reality game battle between Team A [Winner] and Team B [Ikon])
  • WIN TV
  • The Producer (cameo)
  • We Broke Up (recommended af) [with Sandara Park]
  • Bandal Land or Halfmoon Friends [with Winner]
  • The Collaboration [with Song Mino, Zico and Jay Park]




  • In We Broke Up, he won best male actor in K-Web Fest Awards 2015. Seungyoon has a really good acting skills and I wish that he will have more drama projects in the future. He also showed his torso in the web series, which was toned down compared to his body when they were filming WIN.
  • He and Dara have a strong chemistry despite the ten year difference. I also noticed it on The Producer, I wish they were dating in real life ❤


  • List of my favorite KSY performance:
    • Daesung and Seungyoon – 2ne1 Lonely
    • 0 + 1 [We Broke Up]
    • Instinctively [Superstar K2]
  • I really love his voice, I wish he could release a rock single, or a solo album of go solo IDK haha.

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