Why Watch Parasyte: The Maxim?

My friends has been eyeing on this and bugging me ever since.. and I battle, let the series end first before I watch it cause – yeah, it’s awesome by the looks of it.

… and I am not mistaken, it’s a masterpiece! Oh yeah – with the guts-spilling scenes, all hail the king of gore.
It’s Migi!
What the! What would you do if you have an alien-like creature in your right hand? That’s the main character’s problem by the way. With an eye and human mouth, Migi surpasses human intelligence and possesses above average strength. Will he be able to control Shinichi? Or it’s human over parasyte?
The Good Hero – Shinichi
So in the anime world, there’s a trend where the lead character is half human and half something (Eren: human + titan, Naruto: human + kyubi, Kaniki: human + ghoul, Akihito: human + youmu). What I like about the story is how Shinichi develops, from a weak high school student with “hello I have a love life, family problem and normal high school routine” to an earth saver that works in secret with the help of Migi, of course.
As you will notice, he wears a pair of spectacle at first and a laid down hair but as the series continues, you will observe that he doesn’t wear his glasses anymore and brush up his hair. Aside from the looks, he became stronger physically and emotionally too. Oooh!
Everybody, Eat!
Oh yeah this anime is sick! People eating other people up. Yuck to the highest level! But mind you, it’s the parasytes that eats poeple. It’s not that it’s their choice but yeah according to Reiko, there’s someone out there that directs them to finish up humans – cause they’re killing the earth. But parasytes have another choice, they can do human diet and blend in human society.
And yeah I forgot to tell about how the parasytes transform. It’s a whole new level like Men in Black awesome alien thing. You can see the body parts morphing into weapons and oh yeah – gruesome at first but you’ll get used to it.
To sum it up, Parasyte: The Maxim has substance. I don’t know if it’s the same in the manga but the anime adaptation conveys a message. It’s not just action and killing but also ecosystem, world balance and saving planet earth.

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