What’s Darker Than Black?

Okay, so I survived the Christmas eve finishing off the two seasons plus OVAs of Darker Than Black. It’s not anything new, in fact the series started on 2007 so we can say that I was skimming unto hidden gems. Haha! If you are into action thriller plus mystery then this one is perfect for you!

The series told the story of the “Grimm Ripper” or the Black Contractor who is Hei. With his team, Mao (a black neko/cat), Huang (grumpy old man) and Yin (Scandavian Doll) – they follow the orders of the syndicate to survive the current cruel world. Well that was a bit mind boggling but I will try to explain the reason behind why contractors exist.


Long before the sky was filled with shimmering stars, a huge ray of light appear (like a comet I guess). All the stars in the sky disappeared and Poof! The Heaven’s gate (located in North America)  and Hell’s gate (located in Japan) was born! Then the chosen ones were given special powers so as they are known as the contractors. Each contractors has a special ability and each contractors has a star in the sky which will shine bright if they are active and fall down when they are dead (aww). One funny thing about contractors is that after using their powers, they have to remunerate to regain their abilities (this includes positioning a pile of rocks, smoking cigar, drinking beer, eating boiled eggs, eating flowers, smelling socks – eww. well it differs upon the contractor’s past hobbies).

Aside from contractors are dolls (my favorite). They are emotionless individual who’s job is to instruct their contractors specified directions through specific means (water, glass, electric wires). They have no dreams like contractors or feelings but any doll can evolve like what will happen in Season 2.

I’m not making a review though but to make you watch this series, I’ll just give you some short introduction of the characters and some important plot to keep in mind (SPOILER ALERT):

Hei the Black Contractor


This expert contractor is also known as BK-201. He was hired by the syndicate to do dirty jobs that other contractors can’t handle. Well obviously he’s the strongest, if you won’t believe me well he might electrocute you.  The electric ability was inhibited from his sister Pai which he is searching in the first season. Aside from the electric powers, he also has this double knife or sword (I dunno how to call it), a kind of string to pull him up, a bulletproof suit and a not=so-creepy mask.

Anyways, he is also Li Shenshun. It’s supposed to be his disguise to avoid the eyes of the authority. As Li, he’s into different jobs relating to the missions from the syndicate (like a hero stranger, delivery man, waiter and many more). What’s good with Li kun is that you will always see him smile.

Always Supportive Yin


I’m so loving this kuudere. YIn locates the enemy and instructs Hei the right passage through the means of water. As I wrote earlier, dolls can evolve. You may see Yin as a cigar vendor at first but her character will transform as the stories goes on. Well, Yin takes a big part in the series so you better complete the two seasons plus the OVAs.You may also watch out for the Hei x Yin pairing if you are into shipping XD

Super Keen Misaki


I could say that this police officer is obsessed with BK-201 from the first season to the second. It does worsen when she finds out that Li is BK-201. Together with the other officers and contractors, she will find out the true form of the syndicate. What is justice? What side are you in?

The Gemini? 


Shion (boy/left) and Suou (girl/right) are both from the second season. They are from Russian origin and the second season mainly revolves around the two. Suo is most likely an anti-contractor weapon who transforms in a Sailormoon manner. As she was separated from her twin and his father in Russia she joins the drunkard and bearded Hei to reconcile with her Mom in Japan. But the reunion with her mother was a big shock though. Ooooops!

Neko! Neko! Nekos!


Aside from Mao, a black cat contractor who lost its body (ouch). There’s a lot of neko graphics in the story. I think the author has a thing for cats. I know it’s lame but yeah let’s move on!

July of my Life


I hope you got the punch line. It’s supposed to sound like The Love of my Life hehe. This cute little doll can’t be of help in the first season but he was with Suo and drunkard Hei in the second season. This cute emotionless doll also evolves like Yin does but in a different manner. He was like a little brother to Suo and a baby to Hei. Hora! Hora! I can’t resist his cuteness!


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