Why Watch Terror in Resonance?

Many of us skip this anime when we saw it in the 2014 anime list on our favorite website. We often avoid dramatic titles like this one, Zankyou no Terror plus this dramatic poster for crying out loud. But believe me, this one is a blast (except for the bombs and explosives that they used) !!!


In the city of Tokyo there comes a full blast in a one quiet day. With not so many casualties though, no one died because of the bombing – the terrorist Sphinx uploaded their video over the net to give the citizens a warning. Too bad, our dear police always comes off with a delay.

Sphinx is composed of two teenage boys named Nine and Twelve. I’m pretty sure, this are not their code names – there is a story behind it, trust me 🙂

Zankyou no Terror - 02 - Large 22

Nine is pretty serious, he is like a big brother to twelve and the one who spearhead the attacks. He’s pretty good with planning, programming and stuff. He always listen with a certain music in his earphone with one specific reason (find out why). Let’s not forget the fact that he’s a megane (Oh-em-gee!).


Twelve on the other hand is a harmless boy (you gotta be kidding me) who is good with handling bombs. He is also a cool teen who rides a bad-ass motor bikes. Aside from his angelic face, you will surely love this boy even he have a synesthesia.


Along their terrorist attack, they met a girl named Lisa Mishima. She’s really into bullying (letting her classmates do everything they want to do to her) and all the negative parts of life (having a depressed mother can also be depressing though). Finding out a reason why she lives, she will find her purpose with Nine and Twelve.


With Sphinx giving out their warnings across the net, trusted detectives solve their puzzles and riddles. Kenjiro Shibazaki is a retired (or soon to retire) detective working in the police archive. With his passion of solving crime mysteries, he follows the game of Nine and Twelve finding out what’s their message behind terrorism.


Aiding help from the American FBI, this crazy agent infiltrate with the government to get the Sphinx. With the same level of intelligence as Nine had, Five won’t forget anyone who tries to steal him. She wants him so bad in her own hands (that’s why you should watch it).


Massive explosions, friendship, battle cry, what else? Find out what’s in the heart of Nine and Twelve. Find out what’s the message of Terror in Resonance.










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