Why Watch Tokyo Ghoul?

Are you tired of skimming anime titles which always have the same concepts? Well aside from ninjas, samurai(s), demons, robots, super powers… what else is there? Here comes Tokyo Ghoul with a different concept -bringing Zombies way down the grave and defeating police stories.


The story revolves around the main protagonist, Kaneki Ken blossoming in his college days. This typical timid book worm found a sexy date Rize Kamishiro with the same interest as him. In their first day, he grabs all the jinx in the world being half-beaten and slightly eaten by his supposedly ghoul girlfriend.



If you find my version of the story awfully bad, a ghoul is a human like creature that devour human flesh. They can’t eat anything that humans eat except for one thing (find it out yourself!). They are like cannibal but with special physical powers.  They have this Kagune which is a part of their body that functions as their weapon.

The special part of the story is when Rize finally decided to fully eat Kaneki when a construction beam ends up her life. Poor Kaneki wakes up in a hospital with a transplanted heart from his former fake lover Rize. This starts his tragic story of Kaneki being a half human and half ghoul.


Find out and discover what awaits in the life of Kaneki. Will he choose the path of human with his beloved friend, Hideyoshi Nagachika


or choose the entirely different ghoul path with Touka Kirishima and the other flesh eating creatures.





Some characters / scenes to watch out:

Brave CCG (anti-ghoul police investigators) Mado and Amon






The legendary mask of Kaneki


The guy you’ll surely hate, Jason


Introduction of characters that you shouldn’t miss.


…and of course the entirely different (and super handsome) white haired Kaneki





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