Can’t Get Enough of CNU

CNU or Shin Dong Woo (real name) is the vocal and dancing machine of Korean boy group B1A4. Aside from having a flower boy look and a gorgeous body built, here are the not-so-common facts about CNU:

  • CNU means dependable and sweet-nature-d friend (I’m sure it’s not abbreviated)
  • Wears fashion glasses (frame only) and contact lens.
  • This simple guy enjoys t-shirt plus jeans fashion style.


  • He comes from a family who’s inclined to music (Mom is a trot singer, sister doing Pansori, a traditional Korean music.
  • Has one older sister who consistently shops clothes for him (not bad sistah!)
  • Said to be sensitive (aww)
  •  Always wanted to be a singer since he was a kid (Now you got it!)
  • Was in a band named Oriole
  • Once a stone cold kid who does not show his emotions (just my type)


  • According from B1A4 members, CNU is very slow in all aspects (preparing things and speaking)
  • He is like a mother to B1A4 probably because he always look after them (being the oldest)
  • Loves to sleep (Who don’t?)A heavy sleeper indeed

CNU teaser photo

  • Closest to Jinyoung.
  • Said to be on awkward level when left with Goongchan alone (Poor Gongchan)
  • He said to be the most polite and talkative in the group



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