Knowing Kang Seung Yoon

I was watching MAMA 2014 waiting for EXO and BTS performance and this boys called “WINNER” was stealing the show. Time after time they were called to perform, (especially Song Mino rapper of Winner) and when they sang “empty”, lined up on the runway stage, this guy with girls-will-love-me-hairstyle caught my eye… and heart as well. […]

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So I’ve been itchin’ out to watch this over 2014 Metro Manila Film Festival – not because I am that hopeless romantic but because it had huge appreciation from the critics. Well, I’m no critic but I heard that it has a really nice screenplay (not the typical text-quotes-dialogue-na-di-mo-naman-talaga-masasabi-sa-totoong-buhay). Here is my top hugot and extremely funny moments […]


What’s Darker Than Black?

Okay, so I survived the Christmas eve finishing off the two seasons plus OVAs of Darker Than Black. It’s not anything new, in fact the series started on 2007 so we can say that I was skimming unto hidden gems. Haha! If you are into action thriller plus mystery then this one is perfect for […]

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6 Reasons to Love Big Hero 6

  YOU WONT BE ABLE TO RESIST BAYMAX   This fluffy, squishy, marshmallowy robot is dominating everyone’s heart including mine. He was designed to be a medical aid and health care provider just like a fluffy and funny nurse at your side. You won’t be able to resist his cuteness specially in  the not-so-serious scenes in […]

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Why Watch Tokyo Ghoul?

Are you tired of skimming anime titles which always have the same concepts? Well aside from ninjas, samurai(s), demons, robots, super powers… what else is there? Here comes Tokyo Ghoul with a different concept -bringing Zombies way down the grave and defeating police stories. The story revolves around the main protagonist, Kaneki Ken blossoming in his […]

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